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Time Machine

Time Machine

From the talented students of Savannah College of Art and Design's animation department comes a short that peers through the journal entries of a young Korean girl as she unravels the common, everyday mysteries of life and surreptitiously finds the joy of family. Time Machine is a senior-level collaborative 2-D animation production adapting SCAD illustration major Hea-Jung Kim's children's book into a fully-realized short. A team of 10 animation students worked with the author and supervising professor to bring the 32-page book's theme of emerging childhood consciousness to the short film format using a cutting edge digicel pipeline and classic filmmaking concepts.

Directed by

Monika Gelbmann
Cara Ann Murray

Visual Artists

Kristin Gramins
Kane Garrett
Gilha Lee
Tiara Marshall
Gozie Okoro
Allison Sribnick
Kurtiss Smith
James Tilby

Voice of Heajung Kim

Colette Jantze

Sound Engineer

Timothy Liedel

Sound Designer

Kevin Hastings

Original Music

Thomas Jackson
SGTV Engage Time Machine is currently being broadcast on local Savannah television as part of the Savannah Georgia Television (SGTV) Engage Program. This new program, created and realized by Jody Jenkins, is bringing the costal Georgia community together by giving its members the ability to tell their story, just as Hea-Jung tells her story through Time Machine.